lørdag den 26. februar 2011

Day 3 - Hut and mineshaft

After a rough night in my cave I decided to go back. I had spotted while travelling a peninsula that was close to my start position and which I could defend much better. I built a hut and began making a mineshaft inside - resources seemed to be abundant in this underground - Iron ore was located :-)
Down below is a map of the area explored until now...

Minecraft Tactics (survival) - Day 1

There exist many reasons for playing Minecraft, but if you play on a normal survival server then it mostly comes down to this checklist for day 1:

  1. Scout
    • Get an overview - Find a high point and look for a place with trees and exposed rocks where you can find coal deposits. 
    • Some landscapes have little or no trees and you might be forced to travel for a long time. See if you can find a good place to settle.
  2. Lumbering
    •  Gather around 10-15 pieces of wood from trees and convert them all to wooden planks. 
    •  Use 4 planks to make a crafting bench and 4 planks to make sticks.
  3. Crafting
    •  Place the crafting bench near the spot you have identified to be your shelter (often near coal deposits). 
    • Make one pickaxe from 2 sticks + 3 planks.
  4. Mining
    •  Mine at least 3 rocks and all the coal you find nearby (dont spend too much time running around)
    • Craft a pickaxe from 2 sticks + 3 cobblestone and use that one from now.
  5. Fortifying
    • Bouild your shelter for tonight with whatever excess material you have.
    • Make it at least 4x4 in size.
  6. Gather
    •  Spend the rest of the time until nightfall to gather coal, wood, sand, cobble stone and (if lucky) iron ore.
  7. Nightfall!
    • Once the sun begins to set, you barricade yourself inside your shelter (have a 1x1 opening so you can see out).
    • Spend the night crafting shovel, pickaxes, axe, chest, doors etc.
    • Mine into the ground if you want ;-)

Day 1 - Where and who?

 I woke up freezing my ass off. I was morning and couldn't remember anything - not even my own name! One thing was sure - I had to find shelter in this frozen wasteland. I had to get an overview of this world and decided to climp the tall mountain in front of me
From the top of the mountain, which I decided to name Panorama Mountain, I could spot a coast with less snow and a forest. Trees and the first signs of a milder climate gave me hope.
Looking back at where I woke up I could see nothing else, but snow and ice.
Further down the cost the snow was gone and I followed the sandy beaches
Looking back, Panorama Mountain began to dissapear in the mist. Better remember how to get back again.
I noticed land on the other side of the ocean and decided to swim over and explore it.
Not realizing for how long time I had travelled in this world I suddenly noticed the sun setting and the darkness engulfing the world around me. Noises could be heard in the distance and I knew I had to quickly find myself a shelter. I was able to topple a small tree and from its wood I made myself a crafting bench, an axe, some sticks. In the odd-looking rock formation nearby I found coal and was able to craft torches which significantly helped me during the nightfall.
A zombie attack wounded me and I had to barricade myself in the cave I had carved out when I mined the coal.
I spent most of the night listening to mosters swarming around the my cave - I hope they go away.

mandag den 21. februar 2011

My list of Ideas for minecraft

Unknowingly whether these ideas is already out there on the web I hereby present my ideas for minecraft mods:

Erosion Mod
When Minecraft generates the world it often creates fantastic and sometimes impossible landscapes. These landscapes are fine, but would also enjoy landscapes that appeared more natural and realistic. I could imagine a mod that could dictate that all non-supported blocks should fall down, that allowed mountains (rock surface) to rise through the dirt and that created some kind of erosion (wind and/or water) on the landscape.

Volcano Mod
Places vocanoes at certain places in the the world and/or make some underground magma-chambers burst lava up and creating volcanoes.

Gletcher Mod
Ice block upon ice block. When heated it releases water spring blocks.

Metallurgy Mod
Add rare metals in the games that can be combined with other metals for special crafting.

Intro to Minecraft

Hi :-)

This is where I will post my ideas, experiences and creative products related to the simple but unique game called Minecraft.